Masculinity & Lifestyle Optimization

Hey I’m Steve – and my passion is helping men overcome obstacles & become stronger, more masculine men – so they can achieve their big goals & live an epic lifestyle!


Men's Dating & Lifestyle Coach

I’ve been helping men overcome approach anxiety & meet beautiful women in everyday situations since 2013.  This taught me how to help men make rapid, positive changes in their Beliefs, Actions, & Results.

Since then my coaching has grown into a more holistic view, including the key areas of a man’s lifestyle.   

MODERN ALPHA – is a masculine man pursuing Lifestyle Optimization, structured for optimal happiness & minimal stress.  If I can help you increase your success – then I’m deeply honored.

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If you're a single guy struggling
with women & dating . . .

You don’t need some pickup tactic or magical lines . . .  You need to overcome anxiety and start interacting with women in an authentic, masculine, and confident way.  There are no shortcuts or secrets.

What to do is “simple” – but it’s NOT easy to get started.  Book a call to discuss a real strategy for you get started and succeed as quickly as possible.