3 Simple Ways to Start Talking to Women in ANY Situation

I find that if guys are struggling to meet women and their dating life isn’t where they want it to be, generally, they are over-complicating the process of meeting women.

I like to make things as simple and straight-forward as possible.

So I’m here to give you 3 simple ways to start talking to women in ANY situation.

1) Functional

Ask or say something functional. Functional is super easy, super low investment.
You’re not putting your ego on the line. This is how people talk to other new people all the time.


  • Excuse me, do you know where the nearest coffee shop is?
  • Hey, do you know where there’s a really good pizza place around here?

2) Comment on Something

A- The Environment
  • Hey do you know what this parade is?
B- Something About Her
  • (girl with lots of shopping bags) Wow you went crazy today shopping, what did you buy me?
C- Something About Yourself
  • (just walk right over and start talking like you know her) Hey, I’m really tired today, I need a coffee.  Please tell me you know where I can get a coffee!

3) Direct

My favorite way and most men are not doing it.

Direct means directly expressing your sexual or romantic interest in her.

In my opinion, direct is not: “Hey, I like your sense of style” type of statements.

It’s clearly about her physical appearance: “Hey, I saw YOU, and I think YOU are really cute so I had to come say Hi…”

Need More Advice?

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