How I Built a Coaching Business with No Money, Experience, or Advertising

S ince 2013, I’ve been coaching guys on improving their dating lives.  This has grown into a full time business and my main source of income.

I started with no money, no business or coaching experience, and grew with no paid advertising.  Many guys express an interest in doing what I do – or some form of coaching business.

So coming from real world experience, here are 4 factors I consider crucial to success as a coach.

1. Obsessively Passionate

Passion is a combination of love and hate.  I used to hate struggling with women and dating.

Approaching women in the daytime solved this frustration for me.  I went from struggling to being able to meet women easily.

So it was only natural for me to become obsessively passionate about it.

I started helping guys improve their dating lives in 2013 for free, simply because I loved doing it.  Pretty soon, I had guys asking if they could pay me for 1-on-1 coaching.

I never really thought of coaching as an option, yet my passion made it fall in my lap.

Don’t Chase Money

If your desire to make money from coaching outweighs your passion to help people – you’ll likely fail as a coach.

People are perceptive and can feel when others prioritize taking their money over actually helping them.

Passion also keeps you motivated for the long-term – continually learning new ways to articulate your message and help clients.

2. Competent Expert

If you’re gonna teach others to produce a particular result – you damn sure better be producing that result in your own life.

Imagine if I taught a course called “Get Over Approach Anxiety”, but when it came time to show a client what to do, I hesitated, started spitting out excuses, and wasn’t able to approach women.

Imagine if you paid $500 for a seminar called “Make MILLIONS online” – then found out the speaker is a broke college student.

When looking to work with someone to help improve any area of your life, you should speak up and question their ability in the area they teach – and if you’re coaching, expect every client to ask you the same type of questions.

3. Great at Coaching

You must not only be able to produce the result – but you also have to be a great coach.

Which means this: Can you teach others how to do it?

Can you articulate the exact steps and mindset involved to go from a struggling beginner to a proficient expert?

The secret to being a truly great coach is actually caring about your clients – treat them like a king.

You must put the client’s needs before your own 100% of the time while coaching .

4. Marketplace Demand

So you’re an obsessively passionate, competent expert, and a great at coaching – but your expert area is – cleaning VHS tapes.

Is it something that people are actually interested in learning?

More importantly, is your niche something where people experience massive frustration?

How many people would actually pay you to learn it?  If the answer is “not many”, then it’s time to move on to another venture.

There has to be a big enough demand to learn what you want to teach in order for coaching to move from a fun hobby to an actual business.

Coaching Success Review

  1. Obsessively Passionate
  2. Competent Expert
  3. Great at Coaching
  4. Marketplace Demand