Convo Stack

Convo Stack: Proven Messaging Method to Meet Girls on Dating Apps

A Convo Stack is the answer to the question “What do I say next?” when messaging women on dating apps?

C onvo Stack – a pre-planned sequence of messages that smoothly guide conversations towards an in-person meeting.

Designed in advance to be extremely reusable.  Simply copy/paste each message in the sequence, only adding minor adjustments as needed so the conversation makes sense.

Messaging time is reduced by 90% by leveraging a Convo Stack.

Common Criticism: Isn’t this phony/ misleading/ lying/ inauthentic?

Nope!  …because you’re writing your own Convo Stack to display your personality authentically (not blindly copying mine).

Don’t fall for the myth of developing a connection through messages.

Connections & chemistry only happen in face-to-face in real life – so our goal is to meet in-person ASAP.

Dating Apps Are Rigged Against Men

The reality about dating apps is that they’re all incredibly in women’s favor.  I’ve managed tons of men’s dating accounts, and gotten thousands of numbers.  That being said, the harsh reality is that 95% of men’s online dating activity leads nowhere.

Most matches go nowhere, most messages don’t lead to a date, and too many men invest time and money on dates that go nowhere (I can teach you to reduce this to practically zero).

The intelligent bachelor understands that reducing time involved and “thinking what to say next” from the equation is the best way to increase results.

Women Won’t Understand The Struggle

Many women won’t grasp this because their dating app experience is the complete opposite.

Women are bombarded by hundreds of messages daily from nice guys and weirdos.  Their struggle is sifting through all these offers for dates, dinner, and dick, to find the few guys they actually relate to.

Men on the other hand, have to swipe thousands of women to match with a handful, and then compete with hundreds of guys to get these girls out in real life.

2 Goals of Messaging Women Online

  1. Let her realize you’re cool enough to meet up with (AKA not a weirdo/loser/desperate).
  2. Lead to an in-person meet up.

Pick-up Artists will tell you to focus on “building attraction” while messaging – just one more example of why PUA’s are weirdo losers – they start from the premise of not being good enough for women to be attracted to naturally.

Normal cool guys, conversely, start from the premise that they’re cool, and some women will automatically be attracted to them – no effort required.

Convo Stack Suggested Parts

It’s highly suggested you experiment and create your own Convo Stacks.  However, here is a typical example of what I find works most efficiently:

  1. First Message
  2. Comment + Question
  3. Comment + Question
  4. Trial Close for In-Person Meet Up
  5. Number Close / Make Plans

Convo Stack

First Message

You should write a custom opening message for yourself that is some combination of confident, fun, and flirtatious.  The most important suggestion I have is DO NOT do what everyone else is doing: “Hey”, “Hey what’s up?”, “Hi Jenn, how was your day?”  = Lame, Boring, Predictable.

I craft really great first messages, and won’t be sharing any word-for-word examples here, because if you think I’m sharing my Best Of so a ton of lazy assholes can start overusing them and ruining them for me and my clients.. Fuck You! lol.

Oh what’s that?  You’re gonna cry?  Ok fine…

I’ll part with a cool formula for you fuckers:

Hey, + [ compliment her looks ]. + [ flirtatiously question her personality ]? 😉

Comment + Question

This is where you chat a bit (not forever) and show you’re not a weirdo/desperate.  I tend to favor logistics-based questions, such as:

“I’m new in Manhattan, living downtown.  What part of the city do you live in?”

Notice the format above.  I make a comment/statement, then tack on a question at the end.

I’ve found that adding a simple ass personal question (something you know she knows the answer to) on the end, it dramatically increases the chance of getting a reply.

Trial Close for In-Person Meet Up

“You’re cool so far Jenn.  We should meet up one night soon for a drink 🙂  How does that sound?”

Number Close / Make Plans

You can either close for their number OR just make plans directly on the app.  The advantage of having her number is that pretty often women may delete their Tinder or unmatch, leaving no way to contact them.

Today more and more people are more comfortable communicating on Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.  So if you have a cool profile/account on any of these popular apps, then those may be an easier transition than her actual phone number.

Either way, your primary goal is to make specific plans with her (day/time/place all locked in and agreed upon), and for ASAP – as soon as possible – without seeming needy/desperate.

Follow-up Messages

When at least a week or two has passed, scroll down through your Dead Matches (girls that stopped replying anywhere along the Convo Stack) and send a funny/I’ve-been-busy message.

DO NOT send anything like “Where have you been?”,  “Wow you must be so busy?”,  “Haven’t heard from you in so long!”,  etc.  Women interpret this as lame and desperate!

Good Examples

Hey Samantha, I’ve been really busy with my new position at work, how have you been?

Hey Samantha, I was slammed with work so deleted Tinder for a while, but I’ve got some free time again.. What’s new with you?

Hey I took a break from Tinder.. too many weird messages.  How have you been? 🙂


Hope you find value in my Convo Stack concept.  Leave any questions/comments.

If you think this article is a huge pile of shit, that’s fine because my sweaty balls are always available for you to lick 😉 – Ok wow, winky emoji just made shit awkward.

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