Four Lifestyle Fundamentals for Ambitious Men

What are the fundamental lifestyle areas that ambitious men should focus on?

In this video, I cover the Four Lifestyle Fundamentals:

1. Mission

More than selfish fulfillment of “purpose”, mission is more tied to Legacy-Building: who do you help? Who do you inspire? How do you make the world a better place?  After you die, How will the world be better because you were here?

2. Freedom

Social Freedom, Financial Freedom.

The ability to do what you want uninhibited.

The opposite of struggle and scarcity.

3. Relationships

Your Woman, Family, Friends, Business Relationships.

Most stress in life comes from experiencing lack, or drama, with your personal relationships.

Not having sexual & intimate relationships with women over time will wreak havoc on a man’s happiness and self-esteem.

4. Health

Three key areas: Mindset/Mental Health, Physical Fitness, & consuming healthy Natural Foods.