Masculine Physique: Refined Bodybuilding for Modern Men

T he Masculine Physique is a refined bodybuilding and nutrition guideline for modern men.  Based on three simple ideas:

Be Healthy – Look Great – Enjoy Life

Bodybuilding and fitness have spiraled out of control in the past few decades.

Sources that are looked to for advice on health & fitness, ironically (perhaps diabolically?) promote…

Two Extreme Paths:

  1. The HUGE steroid-injected, Mr. Olympia-style bodybuilder.
  2. The 6% bodyfat Photoshopped fitness model.

But what about just being fit and healthy – for normal guys?  Not everyone wants to be a competitive bodybuilder, or weigh their food on a scale!


I couldn’t find a health & fitness program focused on:

  • Be Healthy – optimizing long-term health and high energy levels.
  • Look Great – not HUGE, 6% body fat, overweight, or scrawny.
  • Enjoy Life – no OCD diet plans, able to “cheat” a few meals each week.

So I created one…

The Masculine Physique

The Masculine Physique is a healthy and realistic guideline for the average guy (non-professional bodybuilder) to work towards.


If you never eat carbohydrates or sugar – you’ll probably look great, but can you really enjoy life without an occasional ice cream, pizza, or mom’s homemade apple pie?

By rejecting the ideas of getting “steroid HUGE” and down to “6% bodyfat”, the average guy can create a physique that enhances his health and lifestyle.

And it’s also much easier to stick with over the long term.

To sum up the Masculine Physique in 4 words would be:

Eat Healthy + Lift Heavy

Eat mainly healthy foods.  This means organic, unprocessed, high protein, healthy fats, lower carbs – much lower than the typical American diet.

Lift heavy weights is a workout routine focused on progressive overload (Google this if you don’t know what it is).  Hit the gym 4 – 6 times each week.

The Three Standards

1) Natural Nutrition

Natural Nutrition means eat mainly organic, unprocessed foods.

80/20 rule.  Plan Foundation Meals that are unprocessed, high protein, high healthy fats, lower carbs.

Foundational Meals should make up the bulk of your nutrition plan.  The remaining 5 – 20% eat whatever you want.

80/20 Rule can mean out of 10 days, you eat “perfect” for 8 days, and have 2 cheats days.  It can also mean you eat 5 meals a day, where 4 are perfect, and 1 is a cheat meal.

This is something most men can stick to long-term, which is more important than nitpicking the nutrition perfection apart like a nerdy scientist.  That type of OCD behavior may be necessary for fitness competitors, but for the average guy – it’s quite ridiculous.

2) Functional Strength 

Ability to lift your own bodyweight in Bench press, Deadlifts, and Squats – a minimum of 5 reps, in a slow, controlled manner.

Workout routines should emphasize progressive overload.

This criteria develops functional strength and maintains healthy muscle mass levels.

3) BodyFat under 20%

This one’s simple – Don’t be a fat bastard.

Bodyfat under 20% will optimize long-term health, energy, and sex appeal.  So it’s a win – win – win.

Quick Review

1) Natural Nutrition.  Eat real foods, avoid processed/sugar garbage. No anabolic crap. Limit supplements.

2) Functional Strength. You can do a pull up and move heavy furniture. Not a huge steroid freak. Not a skinny twig.

3) Healthy BodyFat Levels.  No Homer Simpson. No 5% bodyfat washboard abs (unless that’s your natural BMI)

**Heavily suggested: learn a martial art, boxing, aka be competent at self-defense.

Simple = Less Stress

For years, I wanted something simple and realistic to implement.

The Masculine Physique doesn’t require taking supplements, consuming 300g of protein/day, or zero carbs either.  You don’t have to go vegan and you don’t have to go Paleo – unless you want to do those things.

The MP is an achievable, realistic, and healthy long-term fitness and nutrition plan for men that aren’t professional bodybuilders.

Benefits of a Masculine Physique

There are a shitload of physical and psychological benefits men derive from attaining and maintaining a Masculine Physique.  They are:

  • Optimize long-term health
  • Increased strength
  • No stress in chasing perfection
  • More attractive to women
  • Increased testosterone
  • Confidence to defend yourself physically
  • Greater respect from others (on a subconscious level we respect people “in shape”)

But I want to Get HUGE / Chiseled Abs!

Ok, go for it.  I’m not saying don’t look like a chiseled greek god, if that’s what you truly want.

The point of this article is:

Don’t set unrealistic standards for the average guy (non-professional bodybuilder or fitness competitor).  Don’t stress out trying to reach something that less than .5% of men ever achieve.

Dont compare yourself to professionals on steroids that spend 4 hours in the gym 7 days a week they go 2 hours in the AM and 2 hours in the PM, plus injecting massive quantities of steroids.

They do this for years to get the bodies they have.

I’m Not a Hater, I Just Lift A lot

So this article isn’t “hatin” on pro bodybuilders.  It’s for the average dude that wants to “get in shape”.  This is a solid, healthy, realistic foundation for you to hit.

And guess what? Once you hit this, then by all means keep improving your physique.  Get the best physique possible by being consistently improving in the gym and eating (mostly) healthy.

But on friday night if you want to have a few beers with your buddies while watching the game – GO FOR IT and don’t feel guilty.

If mom cooks a big sugar-filled pie for the holidays – eat that shit – and don’t feel guilty.

This is the perfect balance of LOOK GREAT – BE HEALTHY – ENJOY LIFE.