Medellin, Colombia 🇨🇴 DataSheet

This Medellin, Colombia Datasheet 2017 is a quick reference for single men.

B eautiful Latinas, spring weather all year, world-class amenities, & 1/3 the price of American cities.

So far I’ve lived in Medellin for over 8 months from 2015-2017.  Every location mentioned in this datasheet is a clickable link to Google maps.


  • Perfect spring-like weather year round.
  • Beautiful, friendly women with amazing bodies.
  • Population: 2.5 million. Modern city with world-class amenities.
  • Much safer than the average American thinks.


  • People are very friendly, laid back, and cheerful.
  • Metro system looks brand new and is super clean.
  • Paisas (Medellin women) level of beauty is off the charts insane. In my opinion, the best.
  • From Airport to Medellin (40 minute taxi drive): The weather is perfect!  The fresh spring air is invigorating and the view of the city from the miradors (viewing points) is breathtaking:


The 2 most popular choices among gringos (foreigners) are Poblado & Laureles.


Most of the gringos are in Poblado.  It’s a great choice if you want to be near the biggest nightlife spots: Parque Lleras and Rio Sur.

In my opinion it’s too Americanized, and most streets are big hills.  Medellin is a high altitude making hill walking around a pain in the ass.

Since I’m not a big nightlife guy, I prefer…


An upscale Colombian neighborhood which is less Americanized than Poblado.

Totally flat and walkable, filled with small cafes and interesting places to eat.

Carrera 70 is the nightlife spot (more on that later).


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  • The Metro system is a great option.
  • Uber
  • EasyTaxi –  Colombian version of Uber.


  • Parque Lleras – A tiny “park” surrounded by nightlife venues.
  • Parque Poblado – A block walking distance from Parque Lleras.  This is where all the 18 year old pot-smoking hipsters hang out on weekend nights.
  • Parque Explora / Jardin Botanica – Jardin Botanica is a beautiful nature preserve, and Parque Explora is a science museum.  They are next to each other.
  • Segundo Parque de Laureles – This could be called the central area of Laureles.. tons of great places around here.
  • First Park Laureles – Another excellent location surrounded by great places.
  • Off the Gringo Path – I suggest exploring to areas with far less gringos. You can take the metro to a far stop like Sabaneta and walk to Parque de Sabaneta during the afternoon to experience what most of Colombia is actually like.



  • Santa Fe – The most popular upscale mall in Medellin, 5 levels!
  • Oviedo –  Another upscale mall (directly across the street from Santa Fe mall)
  • El Tesoro – An epic very upscale mall.  This is where the rich people shop lol.

Laureles Area

  • Unicentro – Best mall in the Laureles area.
  • Los Molinos – Good mall.  Not Laureles, but nearby.

San Diego Area

  • Premium Plaza – This is a nice mall.  Something about it feels like it’s where the locals shop.
  • San Diego Mall – A half indoor half outdoor mall.  Really cool layout.


  • Mayorca Mega Plaza– HUGE! – Take metro to Itagui station and walk directly across bridge into mall.


  • Cafe Revolucion – Best Coffee shop in Medellin.  The staff is English-speaking and very friendly.  Seriously, I’m picky and everything they serve is great!
  • Starbucks – Multiple locations.  Just use google maps.


  • Chef Burger – Multiple locations.  My favorite burger spot in Medellin!


  • BodyTech – Multiple locations.  Most upscale gym chain in Medellin.
  • 360 Fitness – Well-equipped gym with 5 floors in Laureles.


Paisas (Medellin women) are fun, flirtatious, and of course beautiful with insane curves.   Most will not speak fluent English, and many will only understand a few basic words.  If you’re planning a trip to Medellin, I suggest learning some basic Spanish words and phrases.

You can download DuoLingo – a free language learning app.  Get to 10% on there and you increase your communication skills by 1000%.  Knowing a few basic Spanish words gets you incredibly further than ZERO Spanish.



  • Tinder – highest quality and volume.
  • Bumble – up and coming?


  • Any of the malls listed above.
  • Near universities (UPB, Universidad de Antiquia, EAFIT)
  • Riding the Metro.
  • Living daily life, walking around, doing errands.  In Medellin, beautiful women are everywhere.


  • Parque Lleras – Biggest nightlife scene.  Most people go here, it’s pretty crazy.
  • Rio Sur – The top level on Fri & Sat nights -is the most upscale venues / hottest women.
  • Carrera 70 in Laureles. Lots of fun. Much more low key compared to Parque Lleras.  The prime area of Carrera 70 is from Estadio metro station and go south until you hit UPB University.

Hope you enjoyed our Medellin, Colombia Datasheet 2017!  This is just a quick reference to help a guy’s first trip, and is by no means comprehensive.   There are thousands of great places in Medellin.

If you go and find any places you feel are really amazing,  reach out and tell me about them.. I’m always up to check out new places, and maybe add them to the datasheet.

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