Meet Women Online - 3 Fundamental Skills
Meet Women Online - 3 Fundamental Skills You Must Master

How to Meet Women Online | 3 Fundamental Skills

Here’s the 3 Fundamental Skills to meet women online (or on dating apps) with massive success.

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Key Points of Video

There are 3 Fundamental Skills to meet women online. They are:

1. Presentation

This means your photos, bio, and username.

Great photos are the starting point to getting results on dating apps.

Beyond great photos, you want to pay attention to the overall Story everything is expresses to women about the type of man you are.

2. Conversations

Men must develop the ability to start engaging conversations that captivate a woman’s attention and stand out from the sea of thirsty men hitting them up with “Hi”, and “How’s it going beautiful?”.

In my company Pro Dating Assistant, we create what we call Convo Stacks for each client.

Convo Stack – a conversational sequence that starts the conversation in a fun/flirty way, and then smoothly leads towards getting commitment to meet up in person, and then finally closing for her phone number.

I have another article explaining Convo Stacks in greater detail here.

3. In-Person

I find too many men are confused or clueless when it comes to planning dates with women.

Especially first dates, and with women from dating apps / online dating.

Dinner dates or anything that are long (over 45 minutes), are not ideal.

Dinner is high commitment – she is committing to spending 2+ hours with a complete stranger. Many women know this has a high probability of being awkward as fuck.

Dinner requires very solid conversational skills to keep things interesting for so long. Also, they’re not conducive to having fun.

Most men also mess up by TRYING to make the woman like them. Classic mistake. Women love a guy that is “real” – AKA not put her on a pedestal.

The “trick” is when are attracted to men who prioritize themselves and their own mission over a woman/dating/sex.

Most men are desperate for sex, and this makes them REALLY CARE and over-invest emotionally, with time, with money, in a new woman.

This topic is very big, so can’t get into it all here.

If you’re struggling with dating and would like my personal help – I offer Skype coaching.

Meet Women Online - 3 Fundamental Skills
Meet Women Online – 3 Fundamental Skills You Must Master