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How to Overcome Phone Addiction in 5 Easy Steps

If you need to overcome your phone or social media addiction, try these 5 easy steps:

Most people try to break their smart phone or social media addiction and end up failing.

This is because these digital distractions are designed to be as addicting as possible.

This is extremely dangerous to mental health of people of all ages.

I’m convinced that SmartPhone & social media use leads to mental illness and brain damage.

And nobody seems to be thinking: I have a problem. I should overcome phone addiction.

Just look at how most people use their phones today. It’s obvious to me that pretty much every single person who owns a smartphone is not just a little addicted to it, but severely addicted.

People are not just addicted, but dependent on these devices to function daily.

Take away someone’s phone and they can’t function. They will freak out.

It’s very common for teenage siblings to physically fight over digital screen devices such as phones, tablets, computers.

Overcome Phone Addiction in 5 Steps

1. Turn Off Notifications

This will stop the phone from actively pulling your attention back in to it.

2. Greyscale Mode

The colorful screens are captivating, and enhance our emotional pull to the device.

Put it in Greyscale mode – problem solved.

3. Schedule Mindless Scrolling Time

Plan an actual time block to scroll aimlessly if you really want to.

This puts you in control of the device, not the other way around.

4. Track & Reduce Screen Time

All smartphones today either show your screen time or there are apps you can download that do it.

Find out your daily average screen time, then actively work to reduce it.

5. Increase Time WITHOUT Phone

I embrace something I call:

Wake UP – Phone OFF

I wake up and shut my phone off, go to the gym, then shower get dressed, go to a cafe and work on my laptop for 3 or 4 hours of solid focus.

Then I might check my phone during or after lunch for the first time.

Many times I leave my phone in my apartment for that morning work block – making it literally impossible for it to be a distraction.

Feeling Stressed?

Many people trying to break an addiction feel very stressed. I have a video on how to stay positive when you’re stressed out.

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